Qtech CEO Meets Joomla! Co-founder!

Qtech CEO meets Joomla! co-founderby: Ms. Des Laude

September 15 marks the day for Qtech Head Giovanni Juntereal  to meet up with Mr. Johan Janssens, considered to be the largest contributor to  the Joomla! codebase, at the 2010 Y4IT congress held at the UP Theatre, Diliman Quezon City. Since 2007, Qtech Business Solutions, Inc. has been using  Joomla!, an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables users to build websites and powerful online application.

When Mr. Juntereal knew  that Mr. Janssens will be one of the convention speakers, he did not waste time to have a small chat with the Project Manager and Lead Developer of Joomla 1.5. He then learned about the Nooku framework that helps create powerful Joomla! extensions very quickly.

“I admire the likes  of Mr. Janssens who is an advocate of using open source technologies. He selflessly shares his knowledge and technology for FREE”, adds the gentleman from Qtech.

After the conference, he is even more convinced that there will be an exponential growth of Joomla! users and supporters. Thus, he advocates  :

  • Open source really matters.
  • It's free and challenging.
  • It gives developers a good option.
  • Join the community of open source technologies.
  • Find time to evaluate other options.
  • Do not limit yourself on things being taught in school.
  • Explore and open your mind.

Today, the system is promoted by Qtech since it  has been proven effective in drastically lessening time in all Qtech website projects.