Programs and Project Planning Monitoring System for LGU’s Budget Office (qProject)

This is a customized system designed to monitor movement of budget and fund for Projects and Programs of an LGU. Primary users are the Budget Office, Engineering Department and the City/ Municipal Planning Development Council. This will be installed and maintained by the Budget Office.


Main Page

Displays the detailed budget per department and details of obligation per expenditures.

File Maintenance Transactions

Contains the functions of the system to add, update, and remove records like budget classification, main fund, sub fund, classification of expense, expenditures, category, department, and the like.

Budgetary Accounts

Expenditure Tracking

The system can display the detailed expenditures per department.

Department Budget Functionality

Each department is given access to add obligation under the particular department and access in the home page to view the summary of appropriation, allotment, obligation, and unobligated budget.

Monitor the Project Status

The user can store project details, project task, project duration, estimated cost of proposed work, and project personnel.


  • Appropriation Report
  • Allotment Release Order
  • Status of Appropriations, Allotments, and Obligations
  • Status of Appropriations, Allotments, and Obligations, and Balances
  • Daily Reports
  • LBP Form No. 2 (Statement of Receipts and Expenditures)
  • LBP Form No. 3 (Programmed Appropriation and Obligation by Object of Expenditure)
  • LBP Form No. 8 (Statement of Fund Operation)


MS SQL Server

Available plug-in modules include:

Accounting System, Personnel Management Information System