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George Dewey Medical and Wellness Center

Developed and implemented Hospital Information System(HIS).  Q-tech provided an end-to- end solutions to George Dewey Medical and Wellness Center.  It is a tertiary hospital located in Amorosa Compound, Subic Freeport, Philippines.  The team  also set up LAN, purchased and configured new server, repaired and troubleshoot the whole IT infrastructure of the hospital and its wellness center.

Hoya Glass Disk Philippines

HOGP WEB Output Project

The team of developers from Q-Tech, composed of VB.net Windows Forms Developer, Oracle DBA, Oracle Application Developer, and ASP.net Web Developers developed an ASP.net based reporting system using VB.net 2005, Chartfx and Oracle 10g. The system created fetches data from the company’s legacy system using VB.net 2003 and Oracle 10g. The team was able to efficiently query volumes of glass disk manufacturing data from the Oracle database and display the summarized production and QC/QA data using ASP.net and Chart FX.   Another task given to the developers was the modification of the existing client system which includes separate client software for the different processes in the two manufacturing plants of the company located in Sta. Rosa Laguna Techno Park.  This adjustment employed different programs for QC and QA departments of the company to be able to adapt to the Web Output systems’ peculiar requirements.

Hoya Glass Disk Philippines

HOGP WEB Output Maintenance and Training

Ongoing maintenance of the web-based reporting system includes tracing of production data needed by the plant engineers on its daily manufacturing of glass disks.  Ensure the accuracy of chart outputs in order to minimize defective products that may be caused by machine operators or defective machines.

Conducts software training in MS SQL, Chart FX and Visual Studio .NET for the company’s in house developers and IT personnel.

City of Tayabas

Implementation of Tax Revenue Assessment and Collection System (TRACS)

Set up application and database servers for Tax Revenue Assessment and Collection System (TRACS). This system is being used for Business Permit & Licensing, Real Property Tax Assessment and Tax Collection.  Q-tech also provides technical support to implement and maintain TRACS.  Wired and wireless Local Area Network were also put into place.

Market Administration System

Developed and implemented public market administration system. It includes billing and monitoring of public market occupants.

Executive Dashboard/Graphical Reporting System

This is a reporting system designed for local government executives  ( integrated to the tax collection system).  It shows graphical data of the LGU’s income and expenses.  . This is a web-based application that can be accessed thru the LGU’s intranet.

Personnel Management Information System

This system provides Human Resource Department a comprehensive information system for regular, casual and contractual employees of the local government unit. It includes application for Leave, employee profile (Form 212)  and Kompyuserb report needed by government agencies.

Legislative and Law Enforcement Information System

This is a criminal cases monitoring system.  This includes monitoring and recording of police blotter, inmate information, and criminal apprehension information system.  Archiving and retrieval of City ordinances is also part of this.  Capturing of finger prints will also be integrated to this.

Geographical Information System

The GIS is currently under development.  The Geo database is integrated to the Real Property Tax Assessment database.  It shows clickable maps which displays information of lot owners.  A prototype of the system is already finished as of 2008.