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What is E-TRACS?

E-TRACS stands for Enhanced Tax Revenue Assessment and Collection System. It is an integrated software system that automates the collection of revenues in the local government units. Currently, the project has three types of configuration - City, Province and Municipality.

E-TRACS core package is a free software and there are no software or user licenses, or any hidden costs. Local government units have the choice of implementation whether to use full open source implementation like Linux/Mysql stack or continue using commercial software like Microsoft /SQL server depending on their level of expertise.

The software is developed using java/J2EE and can run on a wide range of operating system platforms and databases. E-TRACS is a software platform built on small software modules called plugins. The core package is composed of 3 modules :

  • Real Property Tax Assessment
  • Business Permit and Licensing
  • Collection modules

Additional plugins can be added or removed depending on the LGU’s requirements.